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An Ancient Mappe of Fairyland [18320x5496]


Designed by Bernard Sleigh at the end of the Great War, an artist who studied at the Birmingham School of Art in England. The ancient map of Fairyland is said to have been his most famous work. The map was designed during the "Arts & Crafts" movement, which was in reaction to the Industrial revolution. The map shows a fantasy world, displaying European fairy tales, literature, and Greek mythology. One can travel from King Arthur's Tomb to Peter Pan's House to the 'Bay of Moaning,' or the visit the roost of Dragons, watch Perseus save Andromeda, chat with Hercules, or visit the 'Harbour of Dreamland.' A red line indicates the route of passage 'From the World' to 'a place that never was and always will be, complete with nixies, fairies, watersprites, Cinderella's castle, the location of Excaliber, and Avalon.

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