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Toronto PATH Network Map


Source: http://torontofinancialdistrict.com/new-path-map/
Original version: https://www.zoomo.ca/image/fsZ

Beginning in Spring 2018, a new PATH map and wayfinding system will be rolled out for Toronto’s PATH indoor pedestrian network. The system will include a new hard copy map, wall maps and signage that will replace the old PATH system across the network.

The goal of the new wayfinding system is to make it easier to use the PATH to get around for downtown workers, residents and tourists. More than 200,000 work in the area connected by the PATH each day, 30,000 residents live within a five minute walk of the network and there are six hotels and five subway stations directly connected indoors.

If the PATH were a mall, its 1200 retail locations would make it the largest in North America.

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